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Being able to access free advice on all issues related to copyright via the SASWA Legal Resource Programme. Being able to access free advice on all issues related to contracts, writing agreements, conditions of employment etc via the SASWA Legal Resource Programme. Having access to a panel of ‘preferred legal suppliers’ – attorneys in private practice who are prepared to act for SASWA members at a reduced rate in negotiations and/or disputes. The film is being enjoyed by audiences at home and around the world, says director Gavin Hood, who attributes its success to the film’s authenticity.

Having access to advice regarding appropriate producers - particularly unpublished scriptwriters need assistance with finding producers who may be interested in their work, and SASWA provides advice and suggestions on an ongoing basis. Having access to the “agency” service that SASWA provides for producers - SASWA is regularly contacted by producers seeking scriptwriters for a particular genre, and with a ‘Work Alert’ email to members, members are informed of the writing work available. A winning script will be picked in each of three genres. UK script editors will then be brought over and the scripts will be thoroughly worked on for three months. The NFVF will act as the writers’ agency in the process and the completed scripts will be pitched to top UK producers. The competition launches in mid-January 2006, so start polishing those gems!

Having access to a whole range other information. SASWA staff is constantly responding to telephonic and electronic queries about all sorts of stuff. A working scriptwriter who has had their script/s of over 20 minutes’ duration sold and produced in any of the following disciplines: television, film, radio, theatre, corporate, educational video. A person who has written and submitted a complete script/s of over 20 minutes’ duration to a producer or broadcaster in any of the disciplines mentioned under ‘Full Member’. The film follows the hard times in the lives of country music duo Zeze Di Camargo & andLuciano, and their rise to fame. It beat the year’s Hollywood blockbusters to become the number one film in Brazil.

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